Bold + Underline + Italic Tag in HTML with Examples


In the last tutorial we learned about the basic structure of an HTML document and I hope you have read Introduction and Basic Structure of HTML and you know what HTML actually is ,  Why it is important to learn HTML and the basic structure of HTML. In this tutorial we will learn about some basic in HTML. So let’s start.

Center Tag – How to Use Center Tag in HTML

Sometime you need to make your text to appear in the center of the web page. To make a text to appear in the center we use <center> tag.

Syntax of Center Teg in HTML

<center>   Text Here  </center>

Example of Center Text in HTML


Center tag in html example code


Example of center tag in html

Bold Tag – How to Use Bold Tag in HTML

To write something in bold style on the web page use <b> tag which is called bold tag. This tag is useful when you have to get the attention of the user on a specific word.

Syntax of Bold Text in HTML

<b>  Text here </b>

Example of Bold Text in HTML


Bold tag example code in html


bold tag example output

Strong Tag – How to Use Strong Tag in HTML

Strong text is the same as the bold text in HTML. The tag Strong do the same job as Bold tag.

Syntax for Strong Tag in HTML

<strong>  This is strong text </strong>

Example for Strong text in HTML


Bold tag in HTML example code


Bold tag example output in HTML

Underline Text in HTML

To write a specific word or a paragraph underlined use <u> tag. The underline tag is very useful in many cases.

Syntax of Underline Text in HTML

<u>  Underline Text  </u>

Example of Underline Text in HTML


underline tag example code in html


underline tag example

Italic Tag – How to Use Italic Tag in HTML

In order to make text italic use Italic tag inside the body of HTML web page.

Syntax of Italic Text in HTML

<i>   Italic Text Here </i>

Example of Italic Text in HTML


Italic tag example code


italic text in html

Combining bold , italic and underlined text in HTML

You can combine all these tags inside one another. Let say you need a specific text which should be underlined and italic then you will write the like this.

combining tags in html


combine tag example


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