HTML Line Break – How to Insert Line Break in HTML

BR tag in HTML

When more than one lines are written in the code than the browser will not show line break in output of that code. See the below code.

No line break code

Output of Code

Output of no line break


To insert a line break that will be shown in the browser use <br> tag. There is no ending tag for <br> because we are not applying style on text to show in the browser like we did in headings.

Example of <br> tag in HTML


This is First Line.  <br>

This is Second Line.  <br>

This is Third Line.  <br>

Example Code

BR tag in HTML Example


How to insert line break in HTML


Q. Is it good practice to use <br> tags in code ?

Ans. No , but in starting you should use <br> tag in code. You can use <p> tags instead. After learning CSS you will not use <br> tag a lot.

Q. What should I do if I want to increase the space between two words in code ?

Ans. You can use &nbsp to insert an extra space in your HTML code.


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