How to Change the Time of Sleep and Hibernate in Windows


What is Sleep mode in Laptop ?

Sleep mode is a power-saving state of computer/Laptop. All the task running on the computer will be stopped and all the open files and software will be put in memory for future use. You can quickly awake your laptop from sleep mode in few seconds. Sleep mode is basically the same thing as “Standby” mode.

The Sleep mode is useful if you want to stop working for a very little time. The computer doesn’t use much power in Sleep mode than in the normal working mode.

What is Hibernate mode in Laptops ?

The Hibernate mode in laptops saves all your open files and software to your hard disk and shuts down your laptop, which means once your laptop is in Hibernate mode, it does not use power. Once the laptop is switched back on, it will load all the saved files and software from hard disk to memory and you will be able to work beck from where you left off.

This mode is helpful when you don’t want to use laptop for a long period of time or you want to save your battery for future use.

When your laptop is on sleep mode and you don’t awake it for 3 hours it automatically go to the hibernate mode. By default the time of hibernating a laptop is 3 hours from the sleep.

How to change the time of Sleep in Laptops

Change the time of Sleep

First open Control Panel as shown below.

How to change the time of sleep in laptops

Go to Power Options

change the time of sleep

Click on Change Plan Settings

change plan settings of laptop power

Now , Go to advance settings

change the time of hibernate in widnows

A new window will popup. From this window find sleep and expand. Open sleep after and change the time of sleep as shown below.

change the time of sleep in windows

How to change the time of hibernate in laptop

how to change the time of hibernate



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