How to Make or Create a Website FREE of COST



If you want to make or create your own website then you need to first learn web designing. If you don’t want to learn web designing and want to create your own website you can use CMS ( Content Management System ) like wordpress. Learning wordpress it’s not difficult at all and if you have used blogger then it would be so much easy for you to work on wordpress. Additionally you also need to know about plugins that are helpful in CMS systems.

Once you have learned wordpress or Web Designing Languages like HTML , CSS etc. You will be wishing to make your own website so the next step is to purchase domain and hosting to launch your website but in this example we will use free web hosting.

What is Domain in Web Designing ?

You probably wondering to know what is domain name. In simple words domain is the name of your website that will be written in the URL bar when someone will be wishing to visit your website. Domain name represents the name of your website like “” is a domain name. There are many website from where you can purchase your domain name. Some of them are free and some are paid. Check the list below. We will use a sub domain in this example.

What is Web Hosting ?

In simple words web hosting is a place where all of your files ( mp3 , images , videos ) web pages will be stored so that people can access all the files and web pages when they visit your website. Web hosting uses servers to keep your files online all the time.

Free Web Hosting

Free web hosting are offered by many websites where you don’t need to pay money to use web services. Some websites also offer sub domain with free hosting so you don’t need to have domain on other website. In this Example we will use as our free webhosting because it also provides a sub domain.

How to create your own website and upload files using free web hosting

In this example we will use as free web hosting service and we will upload our HTML file(s) to make our website.

Step 1 – Sign up on

Open and Click on Sign Up as showed in the picture. sign up

Step 2 – Fill the form to create your website.

Click on “ get free hosting “ button as showed below in the picture.




Your web address will be created but you have to confirm your email address. See below.

Step 3 – Email Verification


Emial Confirmation



Check Your Mail box there will be email by 000webhosting. Open that email and click on verify email.





Your Email will be verified and you will see this.





Step 4 – Uploading Files.

Now Login to your account by using your email and password and click on File Manager.


000webhost file manager



Now Click on Upload Files.



how to upload files to



You will be redirected to Public_HTML folder where you will see 1 file. Just delete that file as shown.


uploads file to 000webhost


Now click on Upload file icon and select your HTML file. See below.



Uploading files to 000webhost



Select your HTML file(s) but the file name should be “index.html” which you want your home page.



uploading files to 000webhost



After clicking on ” upload ” button your file(s) will be uploaded and will be available for everyone to see.



file uploaded successfully


Step 5 – Visiting Website

Now go to your web address you will be able to visit your free website.


free website created

How to Build a Website and Install WordPress using free Web Hosting.

In this example we will build a website using free web hosting and wordpress.

Step 1 – Create a unique website name

We already have created an account on in the above example so we will use that account for this example. If you don’t know how to create an account on 000webhost follow the above example and read first 3 steps and skip this step of this example.

Click on this icon to have another website name.

Add a new website in 000webhost



Now Write your website name and select a password.



creating username and password for free website


Step 2 – Installing wordpress.

You will see your website name which you entered to create. Now next step is to install wordpress. Select Build website on the top of the page and you will see something like this.


how to install wordpress on 000webhost



Scrolling down the page will show you wordpress logo and “ build a wordpress website “ option and Install Now button. Click on that button as shown below.






installing wordpress to free hosting


You will be asked to enter your login information for wordpress login. Enter your information and fill the form and click “ install “.


setting username and password for wordpress


After clicking on create button you will see a status bar that will be telling that wordpress is in installation process.




installing wordpress process


After 100% completion you will see wordpress is installed message as shown. Click on “ go to configure page “.



wordpress installed on 000webhost


Logging into wordpress

After doing all steps that are described above you will go to login page of wordpress. See the login page web address and save it because it will be used every time you want to open your wordpress dashboard. The wordpress login page can also be accessed by putting “ /wp-admin “ at the end of your website name if it is installed in the default folder.

Fill the form using your wordpress login information that you used when you installed wordpress.


wordpress login



After logging in you will see the wordpress dashboard with your site name from where you can access everything of wordpress. See the picture below.



Wordpress dashboard



You can access your site and can see the front-end of your website with default theme given by wordpress. Write your website name that you entered earlier in creating the website in new tab.



new wordpress site



This is the default theme provided by wordpress. If you see this then your wordpress is completely installed. Now let’s change the theme of website and install a custom theme.



changing theme in wordpress



Now you will see this screen so click on “ Add New “ to add a new theme to your wordpress site.



add new theme in wordpress



There will be many options to select like most popular themes , most latest themes , featured themes. You can also upload a theme if you have downloaded to your computer.



how to change theme in wordpress



Choose whatever you want but we are going to install NewsMag theme in this example. See the picture to change the theme in wordpress.



activating theme in wordoress


Step 5 – Visiting wordpress website

Now go to your website address and you will see a new theme.


how to make a wordoress website on free web hosting



Congratulations ! You have created your own wordpress website. Remember your wordpress UserName and password because it will be needed every time you want to open wordpress dashboard.



Which web hosting I should use for a free website ?

There are many free web hosting services search for that in google. We used in this example because it offers free sub domain so you don’t need to worry for domain name. It is easy to manage and use so you should try this.

What we can do with this website ?

It’s up to you what you want to do with this website. Sometimes it is a very good to practice wordpress Or you can make your own introductory website for your friends.

Is this website will also be appeared in Google ?

No , this website will not be indexed by google automatically because its on a free hosting with a sub domain.

Which website should I use to have a free domain ?

There are many website which offers free domain search in google. You can use and to have free domain name for your website.