How to Share a Printer on a Network [ 5 Simple Steps ]


Step 1.

Go to Control Panel and Click on Devices and Printers on the PC which has already installed printer that you want to share.

You will see windows same as below where you will see your printers.

how to share a printer on a network

Step 2.

Right click on the printer you want to share ( make sure this printer is plugged in ). Select Printer Properties as shown below.

share a printer

Step 3.

Go to the Sharing tab ( 2nd tab in options ) and click “ change sharing options “ as shown in the picture below.

share a printer on a network

Now Check the Share this printer box as shown below , you can also type a name of the printer.

how to share a printer

rename a printer while sharing

Step 4.

Now open the PC in which you want to access this printer and open Devices and Printer. Click on Add a Printer as shown below.

sharing a printer

Click on My Printer is not listed from the following image.

adding a shared printer

You will see windows as shown below. Now click on “ select a shared printer with name “ from options and click browse.

accessing the shared printer

Step 5

Here you will see the PCs on the network. Open the PC from where you have shared the printer as shown below.

opening the share printer

Select the Printer comes after opening it.

connecting to the shared printer

Your PC will start connecting to the Shared Printer will ask to install the drivers as shown below.

installing drivers of shared printer

All the drivers will start installing to your PC.

driver installing of shared printers

You will see the finished window that will tell you “ You have successfully added a shared printer “.

shared printer success

Now you can see a shared printer on your Devices and Printers.

printer shared successful

Enjoy shared printer with another PC/laptop. If you have any question please comment below.




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