Web Designing -Everything You Want to Know About Web Designing

Web Designing

Web designing is a process that consists of many different competencies and disciplines inside the creation and maintenance of websites. The term website designing is normally used to describe the design methods regarding the front-end (customer side) design of a website which include writing the markup code using html (hype text markup language) and other languages like css. Skills consists of graphic designing , layout designing , user interface designing and so on.

Web Designing

History of Web Designing

In 1989, while operating at cern tim berners-lee proposed to create a global hypertext venture, which later became referred to as the world wide web. At some stage in 1991 to 1993 the arena world wide web was born. As the world wide web was born in 1991 to 1993 there was a need of a web browser ( an application used to display web pages ). In 1994 Andreessen formed Communications Corp. that later became known as Netscape Communications, the Netscape 0.9 browser. If you want to read more about history check History of Web Designing.

Web Designing Company

A company that offers web designing services is called web designing company. You may have seen a lot of companies online on internet offering their web design services. Company hires web designers to work for clients who asks the company to create websites for them. Sometimes a web designing company also known as web agency.

Web Designer(s)

Individuals who work in a team to design websites using their web designing skills are called web designer(s). Web designers often work in a web design company to create websites for clients but some web designers work from their home to make websites as today freelancing ( working from home on projects ) is a very big industry for web designers. Every web designer is expert in a particular work when he works in a company like some of the web designer will be expert in HTML and CSS , other may have a great experience in working with JavaScript and JQuery and so on.

How You Can Learn Web Designing ?

If you are interested in web designing and want to start a web designing career by learning web design then you need to have some skills or in other words you have to learn some web designing languages and graphics. Check the skills required paragraph which is right below.

Skills required to become a web designer

1.      HTML

HTML stands for hyper text markup language. HTML used to design the static pages of the websites. To be a web designer you should have a very good knowledge of html. So if you want to start learning web design then first thing to learn is HTML. After learning HTML you should move on to CSS.

2.      CSS

CSS stands for CaseCading Style Sheets which is another language for web page designing. Using CSS decorate the designing of a static page which is created by usage of easy html tags. It adds more colors , margins , animation to a HTML static page. You can also use CSS to design the layouts of websites. It can be said that web designing is not possible without having the skills of HTML and CSS as these are the base of website designing.

3.      JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the most popular client site scripting language which is used in creating dynamic web pages. Having the core knowledge of JavaScript will help you making more dynamic web page designs. In web designing JavaScript plays a very important role as its job to keep to response the user’s actions to the web pages. For a good website design JavaScript is very useful when it is used with CSS in web page design.

4.      jQuery

Jquery isn’t a language its sincerely a library of javascript but this permits you create more dynamic and animated web pages in your website design. Once you learned approximately javascript then you definitely must pass on to the next step that is mastering jquery. Jquery also supports a number of plugins that are very handy and useful for web page designing. Learning jquery isn’t a totally hard mission as it’s not a language however after getting to know jquery you could use javascript as a lot electricity to show web pages. Learn more about jQuery at https://jquery.com/

5.      Bootstrap

After learning HTML , CSS , JavaScript you would able to design websites but if you have learned these three languages then you should move on to the free open source HTML , CSS , JavaScript framework which is Bootstrap. Bootstrap allows you create more responsive design of the websites so that your website is fully responsive for mobile and tablet users. Learn more about bootstrap at http://www.getbootstrap.com/

6.      Photoshop

Photoshop is a great tool for web design as well as for graphics design. Now a days almost all the layouts of the websites are designed on Photoshop then are coded to create website . So learning graphic designing is also a great skills that will help you a lot in web designing.

Some Additional Skills You Need to Have

As you have read above that learning HTML , CSS , JavaScript , JQuery , Bootstrap will make you a web designer but now a days using a CMS ( Content Management System ) is also popular tool for creating a website. The very popular CMS system WordPress ( http://www.wordpress.org )is a great example of that. So after learning web design languages you should also learn CMS tools like wordpress , joomla etc.

Tools Required in Web Designing

1.      Text Editor

As you know designing a website is all about coding so the first thing you need in order to start designing websites is a text editor. All the versions of windows and linux have a built-in text editor that you may have used a lot and you can also use that text editors but having a better text editor that supports web page designing process and give some hints in coding is always better. There are many text editors on internet that will definitely help you in web designing but I want to mention some good text editors that I have used a lot.

  • Notepad++

    Notepadd++ is a very good text editor to use in web designing as it has many options for web designers. The only thing which is not present in Notepad++ is the auto close tag option. Download Notepad++ from their official website and try it.

  • Sublime

    If you don’t like notepad++ because of some reasons then you should try another text editor for web page design which is also free. Sublime is fast and it also enable web designer to change the colors of the fonts and it has many themes to use. It also supports auto close tag option which will save a lot of your time which working on websites. Download Sublime form their official website and try it.

  • Brackets

    Brackets is most advance text editor on internet as it was designed by adobe for web designers and developers. It has a lot of functionality that most of the web designers love. One of its feature is live preview which helps a lot in designing a webpage as you don’t have to reload the web page in web browser again and again. There are a number of extensions that you can install and use which will going to save a lot of your time when you create web pages like it have HTML Template creating extension. It also have a number of themes for you so that you can change background and text colors with your own choice. I love this text editor and I have been using from past few years. Download Brackets from their official website of brackets and start using it. These are some key features of Brackets.

  • Quick Edit
  • Quick Docs
  • Live Preview
  • Split View
  • Themes Support
  • Open Source
  • Extensibility
  •  Dreamweaver

    Adobe Dreamweaver CC is a web design and development application that combines a visual design surface known as Live View and a code editor with standard features such as syntax highlighting, code completion, and code collapsing as well as more sophisticated features such as real-time syntax checking and code introspection for generating code hints to assist the user in writing code. Dreamweaver was not just design for coding it was designed for managing websites. The disadvantage of adobe is it’s open source you have to purchase it.

2.      Web Browser

Second thing you need to create website is a web browser to display the web pages that you will design. If you use windows then you probably have seen the built-in web browser called Internet Explorer. You can use Internet Explorer to display the output of your coding when you will learn web design but there are many good web browsers out there on the internet. Check the following list of web browsers.

  • Google Chrome

    Google chrome is an advance web browser of today’s world. It has a lot of options that will help you a lot when you will be working of websites. Further it also have many extensions for web designers like color zila to pick the color from any other website. I have been using it since I started web designing. Download Google Chrome from official website of google.

  • Firefox

    Firefox is also a very good web browser on internet but I think it comes after google chrome in terms of its popularty. Google chrome is much popular than firefox. You can also try firefox if you like it. Check the official website of firefox to download.

  • Opera mini

    Opera is yet another a good web browser to use. In designing websites you can also use opera mini as web browser to check output of your coding practices. Check the official website of opera to download it.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs ) About Web Designing

Q. Is it hard to learn web designing ?

No , it’s not too hard to learn web designing. When you will start learning HTML I am sure you will enjoy learning web designing. HTML and CSS are not difficult to learn in website designing. JavaScript , JQuery are bit harder then HTML and CSS but once you got interest you will surely learn them.

Q. Learning Web Designing start any pre knowledge ? or what a person should know before learning web design ?

You don’t need to have any knowledge of anything. All you need is just the basics of computer which everyone have.

Q. What is the first thing to learn in Web Designing ?

HTML is the first thing you need to learn if you want to start learning web design.

Q. How much it takes to be a complete web designer ?

It depends on your time. The more time you will spend in learning web designing the more you will got.

Q. Are Web designing and Web development are same ?

No , there is a difference between web designing and web development. You will be clear about this when you will read this article.